Research Team

The multidisciplinary team was built in order to gather all the expertise needed for the harmonized and scientifically sound development of the project including coastal oceanography and fisheries management and ecology, bringing mathematical-statistical/modelling and numerical analyses expertise.

Francisco Leitão (coordinator) Time series analyses; fisheries oceanography; marine ecology
Ana Branco Barbosa Phytoplankton phenology; biological oceonography
Fernando Cánovas García Bio-statistical; R-programmer; species distribution maps
Joana Cruz Marine larvae ecology; Ichthyoplankton
Luis Chicharo Ecossystem services (marine ecology)
M A Teodosio Larvae ecology
Patricia Silva Oceanographer (PhD student)
Paulo Almeida Relvas Oceanographer
Vânia Baptista Time series analyses (Phd student)
Vasco Vieira Numerical analyses; bio-statistical
Miguel Baptista Gaspar Bivalves ecology-biology; Fisheries Ecology; small scale fishery
José Alves Ocean modelling ; Climate change ; Ocean-Atmosphere interface ; Coastal upwelling
Karim Erzini Small scale fisheries; Stock Assessment